Slice – a cut stroke in tennis

Cut or, as they are also called, slices are blows in which the player gives the ball downward or downward spin. The backhand slice is an important component
tennis playing techniques. Using a slice will allow you to take your opponent by surprise, sharply and quickly changing length and direction.

To perform a slice, use a continental grip, similar to that which used when serving. What matters is good footwork that allows to approach the ball as comfortably as possible and “adapt” to it.

Let’s consider the stages of performing a cutting blow left in tennis:

You need to turn your right side towards the net, while shifting your body weight to your left leg. You should pay attention to the shoulder line, which should be perpendicular to the grid;

Swing. Right arm at the shoulder and elbow joints You need to bend it a little and turn it inward. Left the hand that supports the racket neck should be turned outward. At the same time, the left shoulder blade should be as close as possible to spine;

Reception must be performed at optimal height. The racket needs to be opened slightly, while turning your forearm slightly outward and bring it out
at the level of the head back. If the reception is carried out at the midpoint, then it is necessary to bring the racket head to chest level. Need more
open the string surface more, turning your palm towards the ceiling. If the ball flies over the mesh is very low, almost touching it. Legs should be bent even more, and the head should be pulled back waist height;

Hit. On the right leg, which is in front, body weight is transferred. At the same time, the racket is carried out towards the flying ball. Very important
learn to control precision and strength, therefore, you should not immediately give more speed.