Get Graded

In order to play in munster tennis competitions and open events you must first be graded by our club coach Michael Russell.

You must also register with the Tennis Ireland tournament software and get a Tennis Ireland PIN number.

Register here for your Tennis Ireland PIN number

Once you have your Tennis Ireland PIN number you will then need to fill out a munster tennis player directory grade application.

Apply here to be added to the munster tennis player directory

The next step is to have your grading done by our club coach, this normally takes 10-20 mins. Please contact JJ or David O’ Connell to arrange this for you.

Once graded the club will then fill in the online form to record your grading with munster tennis and you are then eligible to play in munster tennis competitions.

To see the current players directory and the directory rules please go to 

Please note the above applies to adults only, the junior process is different.